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Ottawa Grew A Lot Bigger in 10 Years

Here's a quick update: last year Katya and I took Max and Alyssa and moved from Guelph to Ottawa. The reasons were many. We had been thinking about it for a couple of years. My immediate family all live in Ottawa. Rental and housing prices are much lower in Ottawa. There's a lot more support for growing a family, such as daycare subsidies and public transit and whatnot, in Ottawa. That being said, I love Guelph. I loved living near my Grandfather and uncle and aunt. I love the parks, and the downtown, and the Stone Road area. I love how quiet and beautiful the city is, but also how vibrant and community-focused it is. Nevertheless, we had to leave for the above-mentioned reasons. So last February my brother drove down from Ottawa, I rented a U-haul, and we packed everything up and moved to Ottawa. We stayed with my youngest sister for two months. It was supposed to be one month, but that extended to two when the place we found to rent changed their availability t

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