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Family Isn't Hard Work; It's Fun

Having a family isn't all that difficult. It's actually fun!

Like everyone else, I grew up being terrified of marriage and children and all the hassles that come with it. The crying and the pooping and the sleepless nights. The never-ending expenses (how the heck do people afford families nowadays?). The nagging and the unrelenting pressure to keep a woman happy and loyal. It all seemed so impossible!

Then I got married and a few years after that had a baby, and you know what? It's nothing like I was led to believe!

It's Not (Too) Expensive Okay, so my kids aren't applying to University yet. Heck, they're not even in school yet (one is only a toddler and the other hasn't even been born), so I don't know what kind of expenses I'm looking at when that happens. Also, daycare is expensive. I mean RIDICULOUSLY expensive. I pay $35/day and that's a steal! 
But everything else about having a child isn't as pricey as I was led to believe. At first …

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