5 Things To Know About Marrying Russian Women

A lot of guys have heard that Russia is the holy land of beautiful, marriageable ladies, and they're not wrong! I spent a few years living in Russia and wow, were there a lot of hot girls. I had a sore neck my first week there from looking left and right all the time! Here in North America a hot girl stands out and everybody looks, but in Russia hot women are the norm and everyone takes a second look at the frumpy girls because they are so out of the ordinary.

Eventually the shock of being surrounded by so many hot women wore off on me and I just got on with my day, but not before I settled down and married one of them!

After 7 years of marriage to my Russian sweetheart there's a few things I've learned about Russian women that separates them from your average North American girl. I've tried to list five of those things here, in no particular order.

1: Russian Women Are Very Feminine
It could be just the overall Europeanness of Russians, but I found that the ladies in Russia, and my wife in particular, are much more feminine than North American women. I dated a lot of North American girls before I went to Russia (I was even engaged to one), and there is a big difference.

Russian women don't try to be men, and don't try to compete with men, and don't try to impress men or show how much better than men they are. Instead, they are happy, and proud, to be women. They see men and women as complimentary to each other and they enjoy their femininity.

2: Russian Women Are Fragile
One thing it took me a long time to get used to was how much more sensitive my wife is compared to previous North American women I've been in relationships with. My wife takes things to heart, and a sharp word or a mis-timed insult can shatter her entire day. She can banter back and forth when we're having fun but when I'm annoyed or in a rush I really have to bite my tongue.

3: Russian Women Are Strong
While my wife may be fragile, she is also incredibly strong. I don't know if it's that famous "Russian soul" or if it's just the environment she grew up in, but she is able to withstand anything that life throws at her. Whether it's feast or famine, rain or shine, my wife can meet it head-on and power through it. I've been with other women who just throw in the towel at the first inconvenience life throws at them, but Russian women aren't afraid of tackling all of life's roadblocks.

4: Russian Women Are Great Mothers
Okay, so I'm obviously generalizing because there's no possible way I can know if all Russian women are great mothers or not, but my wife is a fantastic mother, and all the mothers of my students and my students who were mothers were fantastic at being mothers. I don't know how my wife does it, but she just knows the perfect balance between letting our toddler run free and disciplining behaviour that is unacceptable. She's incredibly caring and works constantly to provide fresh, nutritious food for our son, and to teach him how to say words in Russian (he's not saying anything yet but he easily recognizes a lot) and she sings to him and holds him and does everything a good, loving mother should do.

Not so with all mothers in North America. Just look at the mess we have here, with millions of broken homes and drug use and parents who use their kids as pawns in family court and abuse (the #1 perpetrators of child homocide in North America are the victims own mothers).

5. Russian Women Are Just Normal People
This is the most important takeaway for any man wondering about marriage to a Russian woman. They are just normal people, with everyday worries and dreams and all the wonderful things and all the downright annoying things that all regular individuals have. Guys should get rid of this myth that's been going around since the 80's that Russian women are these docile creatures who want only for a rich American to buy her Levis and she'll pump out a bunch of kids and cook dinner every day in return. When it comes to life pursuits, you'll find no difference between a Russian woman and any man or woman in any other culture. Every individual has hobbies, has their favorite TV shows, has their own career dreams, etc.

6: EXTRA - Russian Women Can't Drive
This heading isn't fair. It's not that Russian women can't drive; it's that most Russians can't drive!! Serious! I never saw more terrible driving in all my life than I did in Russia!


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