A Home For Our Family

Katya and I have finally found a home for our family. It's the kind of place we can stay in for many years until we're ready to buy. For me this is a HUGE step!

For nearly 10 years now I've been on the go non-stop. I've moved from British Columbia to Ottawa, then to Russia, then to Nova Scotia, then back to British Columbia, then to southern Ontario and my hometown of Guelph. Even before all that I had driven out to British Columbia with an ex, spent a few years in South Korea, lived in Cape Breton for a summer and worked at a resort in Banff, Alberta. It's been non-stop.

 Even here in Guelph we've moved 3 times in 4 years. The rental vacancy rate in Guelph is one of the lowest in the country and prices are extremely high for sub-standard units. Every place we've rented has had major structural problems and huge inconveniences, as well as cheap landlords and noisy neighbours. 

Then, in March, we found the perfect townhouse. It's a big 3-bedroom with a backyard, garage, basement, washer/dryer and even a dishwasher. Everything in it is brand new and renovated and the surrounding area is filled with shopping and dining and transit and it's a five-minute walk to my uncle and aunt's place. Katya and I had gone to see the place while Maxim was in daycare. We instantly knew it was the place for us. There were two other couples there getting applications from the rental agent. We got one, filled it out, and offered to pay above what they were asking. A couple of days later they approved us.

Last week we moved in and it's been fantastic. We've painted the baby rooms with bright yellow and light blue stripes and we've got moonlights in the driveway and around the back patio (there's a friggin' patio!). For the first time in a decade, I feel at home. For poor Katya, who lived all her life in a one-bedroom apartment with her family until the day she married me, it's been a whirlwind of instability as I've dragged her across the country and then from one sub-standard apartment to the next. As she enters the third trimester of our next baby, she's finally happy to be settled.

It's a bit scary for me. I've got the cool job as a manager at Pearson International Airport, and now I've got the suitable house with a garage and a patio and a backyard. Needless to say it doesn't come cheap, and the thought of being tied down to one house and one job after so many years of traipsing around the world is a little overwhelming. 

I'll get over it, especially because I see how happy Katya is here, and I know how a stable home will help Maxim and Alyssa (that's the name of our daughter who is on the way) thrive. There's good schools nearby and we have a family doctor and dentist and Guelph has one of the lowest crime rates in Canada, so it's perfect for raising a family. All of these things mean it's time for me to accept that I now permanently live in Guelph and this house is now my home. My only travels from here on out will be to all-inclusive resorts for a week at a time.

Which is okay.

Nearly 10 years ago my life was in turmoil and I made a decision that my ultimate goal was to create the conditions where I could settle down and not live in chaos anymore, regardless of how fun it was. I wanted a good spouse, a well-paying job, a family of my own and a nice house to call home. With this house that we just moved into, I have achieved all of that. We finally have a home for our family!


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