I Drive A Bus!

I'm a bus driver! More specifically, a School Bus Driver! 

Back in May, I started training as a bus driver on my days off from work at the airport. I trained all summer long. Near the end of the summer I took a 2-hour long road test and passed, and was awarded with a Class "B" license. 

The "B" is a cool license and is the second-highest license class in Ontario after an "A". This means I can drive "D", "E", "F" and everything below it except "M", which is motorcycles. So I could operate a dump truck or a fire truck or anything towing a trailer of under 11,000 kg. The physics of big vehicles are all the same: use your mirrors, watch your tail swing, find your pivot point, remember you weigh 15 tonnes and you're not going to stop quickly!

Since September 5th I've been driving my bus route in the morning and the afternoon, taking 50+ elementary kids to and from school. There's also the occasional charter to pick up. I love driving a bus!

The Airport Sucked

The airport was terrible for me. I didn't much like working at Victoria International but Pearson International was extreme, as can only be expected. I commuted 1-hour each way (if traffic was good) and then worked 10-12 hours on my feet without any breaks. 

I once complained to a senior manager that I didn't think it was right that we didn't get breaks and he replied "Well, legally we're not obligated to give you a break." I looked it up, and even contacted the government, and he was right.

Under the federal Canada Labour Code, which all airport workers fall under (and not under Provincial labour standards acts), there is not a single provision for breaks. The company I worked for exploited this fact and exploited its workers. I put in my resignation the next day.

There was more to it than just a lack of breaks. Management was abusive. I know everybody says that about their boss, but at this airport I was sworn at, yelled at, hung up on and followed around. One manager literally hid behind a divider and observed me, writing in her little notebook and not realizing that I could see her as clear as day! 

I never saw my family. I would leave Sunday morning and kiss Katya and Max goodbye and say "See you on Friday!" With a new baby due any moment there was no way we could continue on like this.

It was a stressful, thankless workplace that convinced me that I never want to be a manager again, nor do I ever want to work a "job" again. 

A Breath Of Fresh Air

I'm not afraid of work, I just don't like employers. 

Getting my B license has been a breath of fresh air. My employer is so relaxed and cares only that the kids got to and from school safely and on time. 

The best part of this is that now I can devote the rest of my day to my small business! 

There's my bus! I call it "Das Boot"

It's absolutely wonderful being home every day by 5 pm and having every weekend and holiday off. As a quasi-self employed bus driver I can set my own schedule and because all the schools are closed on weekends and holidays, guess who's off? Me!

Me and my bus!


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