Why Ontario?

When I finished Mission To Moscow I was in the middle of returning to Canada and choosing the best place to live. My choices were between Nova Scotia and British Columbia. Because I couldn't decide which was a better place to put down roots, I tried them both out.

Nova Scotia was sub-par. Poverty, a lack of jobs, high taxes and really poor infrastructure drove me out of Halifax within 3 months. Victoria, in BC, was much better; the opposite end of the spectrum, to be exact. Great infrastructure and many wealthy people, but housing was unaffordable and there were a lack of jobs, particularly for Katya.

So we struck out for Ontario, and haven't looked back.

Why Ontario?

Because it's the best province in Canada. I've visited all of them and lived in four of them, and Ontario always stands out as the best one. It has world-class cities and quaint little historic villages. Four of the five Great Lakes offer sandy beaches and cool waters. Vast forests and thousands of rivers offer camping and hiking, while  vineyards and upscale city living offers urban sophistication at its best.

We live an hour from Canada's Wonderland. We're an hour from beaches and camping. We're an hour from Niagara Falls. We're an hour from major-league sports venues and the big city. Visiting family in Ottawa is an afternoon drive.

Taxes here are moderate and we both have jobs. Best of all, if things continue according to plan, we'll be buying a home in the next two to three years, something that was unimagineable in Victoria.

Why Ontario? Let this video show you why!


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