The Perfect Place

I love cities. I mean, I really, really love cities. Perhaps because I grew up in a small town and spent a lot of time in the country (I also love the counrty. I mean, I really, really love the country). I don't know.

For me Southern Ontario is the perfect location. It's full of quaint little farming towns, rolling, forest-covered hills and miles upon miles of wilderness, yet is also close to Toronto, the fourth-largest metropolitan area in North America. In fact, 14 million people call the corridor between Windsor (Detroit) and Toronto "home". It is literally the perfect mix between big city and country, and that makes it perfect for me!

Southern Ontario country: peaceful, serene, beautiful.
Toronto: 5.5 million people make it the 4th largest bustling
metropolis in North America!

This mix between absolute rural and absolute urban allows for a lot of freedom of choice. We can choose to stroll through a forest or visit a vineyard or shop at a farmer's market, or we can choose to take the commuter train into Toronto and hop on the subway, visit a Broadway show or go shopping on Yonge Street. The choice is ours. Toronto is only a 40 minute drive away, and it also has the Little Moscow district (right next to Koreatown, ironically enough) where Katya can find all her favorite imports from the Motherland.

Moving here was the best choice. This is the perfect place for us, and I am very content with our location. It is beautiful here, and can either be calm or bustling. It's our choice!

Check out this HD 1080 timelapse video of Toronto, with an awesome tune


  1. That sounds amazing!! If it weren't for my extreme fondness of warm weather I would probably want to move there.


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