October Drama

A couple of days ago Katya and I ended up thrown out on the street in the middle of the night by an unbalanced, psychotic bi-polar narcissistic ex-friend, whom we were renting a room from, when we informed her that we were moving out on November 1st. Rather than discuss things like an adult, she chose to verbally and physically assault my wife, threw us out on the street while screaming obscenities and slamming doors, and stole our money.

We were spending a lot of money driving Katya to work. As well, the law here provides a tenant the right to "reasonable enjoyment of the rented premises" (in our case, a bedroom). However, because the Dutchies are a young family with a 2-year old living in the room next to ours, they were unable (as well as unwilling on several occasions) to provide reasonable enjoyment of our room. For instance, at 7:30 in the morning they would play with their toddler right outside of our door, and when we asked them to keep it down, we would be told "It's my house, I'll do what I want!!" But one morning I sneezed and was given hell for "..waking everybody up!" We weren't allowed to use the oven, along with a million other little annoyances that, on their own mean nothing, but all together make for a giant mountain of grief.

The mix of economic factors along with our inability to enjoy living there made it easy for us to decide to move out. This sent Q into a raging frenzy, like a psycho bitch from hell, and it is a sad reality that she needs mental help.

Needless to say that after 20+ years, Q and I are no longer friends.

According to Ontario law a landlord, whether renting a shoebox or an entire farm, cannot legally evict a tenant without first applying to the Housing Tribunal for an order of eviction, or in the event that a tenant is posing a grave risk to person and/or property. So throwing us out, stealing our money and assaulting my wife could give me a big case should I choose to sue her psychotic ass off. However, I won't, unless she decides to continue being a jackass and does something else. If she stays out of our lives from here on in, we won't sue.

Thankfully my uncle and aunt took us in for a few days while we got our stuff sorted out, which we have done, and we're actually much happier now!

Katya has never had such a violent encounter with somebody, let alone the stress of being thrown out on your ass for no reason at all by an insane person who just completely snapped, and yesterday at work she had an emotional breakdown. I picked her up and took her home where she slept the rest of the day. Today, to make her happier, I took her for a nice walk through a local forest.

The autumn colors were out in full force. Here's some more of October beauty:


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