I Love You, October

I love the autumn. Actually, that's an awkward word to say all the time. I used to say "fall" but got so used to saying "autumn" in Russia, and with my Russian wife, that it's become my default word for the season. I'll take some liberty to rebel here. I love the FALL!

The summer starts nice, and it is filled with fun and opportunities, but by the end of August until mid-September I'm just sick of heat and humidity and mosquitoes and constantly sweating. September, like November and March, is one of the crappiest months. Fall hasn't begun yet but summer is over. It basically has all the inconveniences of summer AND fall mixed into one sweltering, boring, humid crappy month.

But today is October 1st, and now begins a REAL month!

All the trees explode into brilliant colors. Looking across at an Ontario forest in October takes my breath away. All the biting insects are gone by the middle of the month. Every mosquito, wasp, black fly and anything else that wants to take a piece of your body is DEAD! Goodbye bugs (I'm certain this is the real reason Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in the middle of October)!

The hot, humid sweats are gone for at least six months. Finally, people can put on all those nice warm clothes without bundling up. Fall fashions are the best, I'm forced to admit. I also find women look incredibly attractive when they're stylishly done up for autumn.

As a Canadian, we get two great bonuses to October: Thanksgiving and the start of the NHL hockey season!

October is the month of orange, red, yellow and brown. Admittedly tacky colors on their own, but when combined together in the form of a pumpkin, or a piece of corn, or a desktop wallpaper theme, they are beautiful.

I love how the nights get longer and darker in October, ending in a final week of black skies and glowing orange jack-o-lanterns as the second best holiday of the year, Halloween, arrives. Everything surrounding Halloween is wonderful. From carving pumpkins to roasted pumpkin seeds to pumpkin pie to sticking candles in pumpkins to throwing pumpkins off a cliff the next day...or was that last one just me?

Welcome, one of the best months of the year. I look forward to enjoying your 31 days of this year!


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