Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, Canada, is a northern city of about 1.1 million people. It's also the gateway to the Alberta oil fields so there's a lot of blue collar work there, particularly in the petroleum and construction industries.

Edmonton does have a beautiful downtown, situated on the enormous North Saskatchewan River. In fact, the River Valley that meanders through the center of the city gives Edmonton the honour of having the most parkland per capita in North America!

The south side of the river is a beautiful old area, filled with Victorian homes, the University of Alberta and the ever-interesting Whyte Avenue. That's about it for Edmonton, however. The north side is crap; dirty and crime-ridden, and the east side is all giant refineries and factories and that make the whole city smell of gas when the wind is blowing right. The west side is a suburban shopping hell, filled with strip mall after strip mall.

Nevertheless, here's a couple of videos I made about Edmonton:

This is another of my "music travel videos" featuring Edmonton. Like it or don't. I make these for my own collection.


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